Car Rims

Car rims form the inside edge of what the tire is mounted on. For this reason, it is one of the most important components of a moving vehicle. Apart from allowing circular motion that eventually results to the car moving, it largely contributes to the overall outlook of the vehicle to the public. Remember that everyone wants to invest in a ride that will capture the public's eye when they cruise along the highway. A perfect car rim is just the solution to this and from an endless list of selection; car owners can customize their vehicle for an outstanding look and performance as well.

The three major classifications of rims in the automobile industry today are:

  • Chrome Wheel Rims
  • Alloy Rims
  • Steel Rims

Chrome Wheel Rims


Chrome car rims have been designed to provide and outstanding and bright finish that looks great on vehicles. Their design is not necessarily meant to offer performance benefit to vehicles, but it is one of the most popular finishes for most rims.

Jarama Chrome Wheels

These types of chrome rims do not only look spectacular. They have been customized with unique and superior performance properties. The manufacturer in question finds its roots in racing, which is indicated by their concentration to fitment performance and precision. The common features for this type of chrome are:

  • A cast and heat treated low pressure and lightweight alloy wheel piece
  • A plastic hub that centers the ring to ensure a ride that is free from vibration
  • A tolerance that is tight run out to ensure that the wheel is round, straight, and has even thickness
  • Proper balancing of the wheels by the manufacturers to minimize vibrations
  • Specified load rating on every chrome wheel

Snetterton Chrome Rims

These types of rims have been designed with the following features:

  • Effective compatibility with all its original equipment
  • Properly installed tire pressure monitoring system, the (TPMS) sensors
  • Correct and precise wheel offset for the vehicle
  • A reliable lifetime warranty on all chrome rims

Valencia Chrome

  • Has a 2 year lifetime warranty for all chromes and silver finish
  • The lip size varies depending on the size of the wheel

Alloy rims are designed from magnesium or aluminum alloy metals. They are generally a mixture of metal and other forms of elements. Apart from improving the looks of the vehicle, they are known for their high performance ability of improving the handling ability of vehicles. Some examples of this kind of rims include:

  • The Alcoa heavy duty alloy rim
  • Chrysler alloy wheel
  • Winter grip looms
  • Lenso Samurai
  • The new axe
  • Caliber vintage

General Characteristics of Alloy Rims

Lighter alloy wheels have been designed to improve the handling of the vehicle by cutting down on unsprang mass. This ability allows suspension to closely follow the terrain improving the grip on the road.

The rims are manufactured either by forging or casting. Forging in this case is lighter but exponentially a more expensive option. Due to their easy ability to corrode, alloy wheels should be sealed or painted to improve their life span.

For situations where alloy rims are already corroded, they can be easily repaired when they begin to wear out, that is after two to five years.

When using alloy rims, reduction of the overall mass of the vehicle can help reduce the fuel consumption of the vehicle.

Steel Rims

Steel rims are provided in the automobile industry for many vehicles because they are an economical option than other types of rims. Some examples of steel rims in the automobile industry today are:

  • Smoothie rims
  • Mopar standard steel rims
  • Hot rod steel rims
  • 8 lug rims

A comparison with other types of rims can be displayed in the following advantages.

  • Steel rims offer a cost-effective solution when one is looking to assemble a winter package on a pocket friendly budget.
  • The rims may not shine and appear nice as the aluminum option. However, they can last for an extended period than other options while serving their intended purpose.

Helpful Tip

When purchasing new rims, one must take note of the size needed. Rims may come in a wide range of sizes from 15-inch to 24-inch based on the type of car and the tire size. Vehicle manufacturers have set specific standard sizes for each vehicle. There are vehicles that can handle larger rims while others may not be able to do the same. It is very important to check with the vehicles manual to determine the correct rim size as well as the rim compatibility with your vehicle when replacing new ones. Finally, rims should be well maintained by regular cleaning or addressing any maintenance issues like painting, for them to maintain their shiny look and have an extended life span.

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