Truck Rims

Choosing The Best Truck Rims

There are many important factors that consumers should consider when looking to purchase rims for a truck. The durability, corrosion resistance, size, weight, materials, and brand of the rim can all affect its performance. There are two main types of truck rims: alloy rims and steel rims. Alloy rims are usually chosen because they're lightweight, highly reflective, and aesthetically pleasing. Steel rims are usually chosen due to their durable properties, and ability to handle heavy workloads. Both types have certain advantages and drawbacks.

Alloy Rims

There are many benefits to choosing cast alloy type rims for a truck. They provide good airflow, are rust resistant, and can look great on a vehicle. These wheels are created using a low-pressure casting process making them flexible and available in many different styles and sizes. Most after market wheels are made of some type of aluminum alloy.

  • Durability and Strength of Alloy Rims Alloy rims can be both strong and flexible, depending on how they are made and what purpose they are created for. Most alloy rims are cast out of aluminum alloys; however, some are forged which makes them both stronger and more durable but less flexible.
  • Corrosion Resistance of Alloy Rims Alloy rims tend to be very rust resistant. They are easy to clean and known to give off a long lasting reflective shine.
  • Weight of Alloy Rims Alloy rims are significantly lighter than steel ones. They are porous and provide good airflow to brake systems.

Steel Rims

Steel rims are not as pretty or resistant to corrosion as alloy rims are, but they tend to be stronger, easier to repair, and are less expensive. In most cases, steel rims are more durable and capable of standing up to heavy loads. Steel rims are usually what comes standardly equipped on many base model trucks.

  • Durability and of Strength of Steel Rims Steel rims are usually stamped out of a steel plate constructed of two pieces that are welded together. This makes them extremely strong and durable. They perform well off-road and under heavy workloads.
  • Corrosion Resistance of Steel Rims Steel wheels are less resistant to rust and staining than alloy rims. Stainless steel or galvanized steel wheels will resist rust the longest but ultimately will be subjected to staining.
  • Weight of Steel Rims Steel wheels are significantly heavier than alloy ones. Heavy steel rims have both advantages and drawbacks, depending on what purpose they're needed for.

Other Factors to Take Into Consideration When Shopping for Truck Rims

There are a few other factors that potential buyers should consider when looking to purchase truck rims. The cost of tires is going to vary based on what rims they will be purchased to fit. Rims vary in sizes ranging from 16" to 22", so consumers must keep in mind that the larger the rim, the more expensive they tires will likely be. Additionally, alloy rims are usually more visually appealing. For many consumers, this is a very important factor when it comes to picking out rims.

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