The Best Luxury Crossover Vehicles for 2018

Luxury crossover drivers and fans who may be considering purchasing one can get overwhelmed with choices in 2018. Finding the crossover with all the features most favored among buyers can be a daunting task. This guide gives suggestions to help lead the buyer to the Luxury Crossover they will enjoy owning the most.

Major Considerations

These three vehicle features are a good starting point for choosing the right vehicle for luxury crossovers everywhere:


First and foremost are safety ratings. One particular safety measure for every SUV buyer is the Rollover Rating. These vehicles sit high off the ground, making them somewhat top heavy. The luxury crossover with the lowest rollover rating-meaning the least likely to rollover- should receive strong first choice consideration.

Braking is a second very important safety concern. These are heavy vehicles, so they need to have substantial, first rate braking capability. The best, quickest stop rating should hold sway in the buyer’s decision.


The top rated LCVs are also the most reliable of the lot. Since these are daily driver vehicles, owners must be fairly certain they can count on them day in and day out. Spending serious money for a vehicle that leaves you stranded only doubles the embarrassment and aggravation of car fail.

Value Retention

These vehicles are not cheap, so ideally the top driver choice should retain the highest resale value. Knowing that some of the big money spent is more like an investment makes the price tag a little more bearable.

Advantages of Owning a Luxury Crossover Vehicle

One of the major advantages of owning an LCT is the elevated driver’s view. This is the positive swap out for the high stance mentioned above. Being able to see the road and other traffic truly puts the driver in the driver’s seat in relation to navigating other traffic. Another major advantage is their size. They are a lot more difficult to overlook than say the smaller compacts and subcompacts on the road today.

Most Popular Luxury Crossover Vehicles

Popularity is summed up by one indicator: sales. Due to the price, buyers do not buy these vehicles as experiments. Consumers buy based on overall quality and looks, so quarterly and yearly sales figures do not lie. The most popular LCVs invariably are the top selling LCVs.

According to JD Power, the top ranking Luxury Crossover Vehicles for 2018 and sales which reflect that popularity are listed below in descending order:

8) BMW X5 (24,948 sales) ...

7) Mercedes-Benz GLC-Class (26,802 sales) ...

6) Audi Q5 (26,819 sales) ...

5) Lexus NX (27,979 sales) ...

4) Acura MDX (29,517 sales) ...

3) Mercedes-Benz GLE-Class (29,598 sales) ...

2) Acura RDX (30,596 sales) ...

1) Lexus RX (57,934 sales) By a wide margin, the Lexus RX is the most popular luxury SUV in America.

Top 5 Routes for “The Best Luxury Crossover Vehicles for 2018”

  1. J.D. Power - Indeed. J. D. Power has long been one of the go-to authorities in the automotive industry. Their research has earned the trust of millions of vehicle fans and researchers for many years.
  2. Kelly Blue Book - Kelly Blue Book has been in dealership showrooms for decades and is one of the most trusted sources for sales staffs in the vehicle industry. It is the guide for how vehicles are bought, sold and traded.
  3. U S News and World Reports - Known for their reporting throughout the world, their ‘cars’ section does an excellent job of reporting on the auto industry. Their vehicle reports section have solid advice.
  4. Car and Driver - Car and Driver is a well respected automotive enthusiast. It is owned by Hearst Communications.
  5. Edmunds - Edmunds, like JD Power and Kelly Blue Book, is a well known and popular source of automotive industry information. They began as a paperback in the news stand in the 60’s and have grown to national automotive news prominence.

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