What Are The Best 2018 Truck Lease Deals?

More and more truck drivers are turning to truck leases as opposed to actually buying them. Drivers who like to trade trucks frequently have already built into their budgets a truck payment. As long as they can stay within the leasing requirements, leasing has its advantages.

Key Things to Think About With Truck Leases

Leasing just may be the best route if you consider these three things first:


One of first major questions is whether the truck you need to lease is within budget. Next, how much of that lease payment can be offset through the work and earnings that will come from leasing it. If you can use the truck to increase earnings, the lease makes good business sense.

Which Dealership

With the gain in popularity, dealerships are now more willing to compete for lease customers more aggressively. Such a competitive environment creates a true leaser’s market.

Additional Dealership Incentives

Seek out the dealership with the best added incentives with their leases. This leasing competition is keen, and oftentimes, the one who offers the most will sign more leases.

Truck Leasing Benefits

The two biggest benefits of a truck lease are financial. First off, the lease payment is usually somewhat smaller than a straight purchase payment. Unless you have a pretty good vehicle to trade, or you are willing to pay a huge down payment, leasing just saves more money and limits the amount of money you have to spend up front. Secondly, if you purchase the truck, you also have just bought a depreciating asset, if you can call it an asset. Smart, sound investments do not depreciate or lose value. Smart assets increase in value over time. Leasing avoids depreciation.

Top Truck Leases for 2018

Doing some comparative shopping up front leads to the best lease agreement. Compare the major parts of each agreement. Pay special attention to the initial cost of the agreement and the mileage restrictions. These can get confusing, so just keep in mind a lower upfront leasing payment may or may not be the best deal, if the mileage and use parts of the agreement are lacking.

Since different regions of the country have different programs and inventory can vary greatly from dealer to dealer, a specific list for every reader who may read this article is impossible. Use the links below to locate the best truck lease agreements by cost in your area. Pay special attention to the deals with “National” to the far right at the carsdirect.com listing. These should be good wherever you are. The top link contains the most comprehensive and succinct list. Check local dealers for inventory with these figures in mind as a guide.

Top 5 Routes for “What Are The Best 2018 Truck Lease Deals?”

  1. Cars Direct - Cars Direct is a California based online car buying service begun in 1998. They have millions of satisfied customers nationwide.
  2. Dodge Trucks - Dodge has been a major truck manufacturer for many years. They enjoy a stellar reputation in the truck industry.
  3. Toyota - Toyota is a major seller of work trucks and has been for many years. Their full sized Tundra has received many new truck awards.
  4. GMC Trucks - GMC trucks are a bit more expensive than other traditional American trucks, but they are built very well and can handle heavy use well.
  5. Ford Trucks - Ford has been around since the beginning. Of course Ford is America’s first vehicle builder and remains a major player in the truck industry.

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